Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Fruits

My brother-in-law Mr. Fruit moved in with us a year and a half ago to save money. We have a three bedroom house and Mr. Fruit generally keeps to himself. Basically it has been a win/win situation except that originally he was only supposed to stay with us for a few months. Since I lost my job we are grateful for the extra money he contributes to the house. We as Americans cherish our homes as our sanctuary where we can escape and enjoy some alone time, but I actually don’t mind him living with us at all most of the time. Occasionally I would like alone time with Mr. Rogue but when that happens we go out to dinner or lock ourselves away in our room. Mr. Fruit also is a pretty great roommate. He generally spends a lot of time in his room either playing computer games or talking to his wife across the Pacific Ocean.

So Mr. Fruit met a woman from the Philippines over the internet. They met, they fell in love, they got married, and they had a baby over the past 3.5 years. The only problem with their relationship is that Mrs. Fruit is still in the Philippines awaiting her green card to be finalized. Mrs. Fruit just found out that she will be moving here in September, her paperwork has finally been approved. My parents-in-law, my sister-in-law and I are all flying there for two weeks and then bringing Mrs. Fruit and Baby Fruit home to LALA land. This is going to be a HUGE and hard challenge for her because she has never been to the United States and she has never been far from her family. You see in the Philippines family is EVERYTHING, they live in a nuclear family situation and are super close.

Mr. Rogue and I have decided that although it will create some difficulties for us we have invited Mr. Fruit to stay living with us along with Mrs. Fruit and the baby until Christmas. This will give Mrs. Fruit time to learn the area, I can teach her to cook, she can learn to drive, they can choose an apartment together and all of our little family here can help her get acclimated.

The most immediate concern is space. We have three bedrooms; the master suite which is where Mr. Rogue and I sleep, a small bedroom where Mr. Fruit sleeps and a third midsized bedroom that we have set up as a computer room. Sometime in early September we will be moving all the computer equipment out of the midsized bedroom so Mr. and Mrs. Fruit can use that as their bedroom, the small bedroom with be Baby Fruits room and the computer stuff well some of it is going to get stored and some of it is going to get set up in our bedroom. It will be a little tight with four and a half people, two dogs, and two cats, but it is just temporary and family we need to stick together. Wish us luck!



lilmansworld said...

you guys are so thoughtful and giving! when they move out, you'll have room for us then! just kidding.

paul peggy zeus said...

That was a great comment by lilmansworld!! Ha Ha! I do think it may stress the situation a bit, but I had two of my brothers living with us with three of my own children and it all works out - Family is very important and I'm proud that you have those strong family ties.

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