Monday, June 8, 2009

The Forever Cruise

Ms. Ivey League and I are taking our 20 year old friendship on a boat to soak in the sun and celebrate how wonderful we are. Today I booked that trip which is a 7 day cruise to Mexico. For years we have been talking about taking a trip together but lives, boyfriends, finances always seemed to get in the way. It did not stop us from dreaming or from talking about eventually going on that trip.

Maybe because I feel the need to tie up lose ends with some things before I try and get pregnant or maybe because the time was finally ‘just right’ Ms. Ivey League and I today made a dream into a reality. I am so looking forward to this cruise filled with a celebration of a lifetime of memories already lived together and a lifetime more to come.


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paul peggy zeus said...

OHH This sounds sooo GREAT! I just know the two of you will have the time of your lives...LIVE IT UP while you can, BOTH of you!! I think the world of you, Ms Ivy you are one special lady! (of course you are special too, you already know that - my little one...

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