Saturday, June 6, 2009

Family Circle

Last weekend I went to a birthday picnic with entire families and today I went to ANOTHER family birthday party. I know that it should be normal to have a family birthday, I guess because I live so far from my family and I cannot remember the last time I celebrated my birthday with my family that they just feel odd to me. Not odd in a bad way, more in like a ‘Oh this is what it is like to have everyone you have ever known in your life all live in one area’ kind of way. I remember at my wedding, the feeling of happiness that I got when looking over an entire room full of people that loved me, people all gathered to celebrate with us, and now with these two birthdays I have been to I realize fully what I lost when I moved away. What I will never have probably in my life, everyone I know and love all together again.

Aside from my ponderings I revelled in spending time with a borrowed grandma, mama, papa, a million kids, relatives, and friends. I am overjoyed that I could step into this group and feel immediately embraced by their love. It was a wonderful blanket that wrapped around me for a few hours and I appreciated the gift they gave me off acceptance. Ms. Eden your family rocked!

I also spent some wonderful time with my friends gossiping about life, men, trying to find love in LA LA Land, and fashion. In fact Ms. Soul’s mom loved my new shoes so much that she insisted she try them on, a fact that I found momentarily odd and also quite funny. Since she is also a size 7 she slipped on my new shoe and I saw the love spread across her face. Now I thought two things in this moment, I thought wow this woman is in her 50’s and she loves my shoes AND that there was no way in hell she was going to keep them which she totally tried to do!


Great night, just the right amount of margaritas and authentic Mexican food. SUPERB!


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paul peggy zeus said...

Those shoes totally rock !!! If any mom gets them its MMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Me first!!!!!

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