Sunday, June 14, 2009

BBBS 14: The Digital Age

Almost 5 months ago or 149 days I was laid off from my job which was sad and a blessing. Because the whole LA office was shut down we were allowed to take home our work stations as a parting gift. At the time I had three stations, 2 PC’s and a Mac. Since that time Mr. Rogue took the two new PC’s and the two PC’s I had at my home office, took out all the guts of all 4 and made a super computer for me, a storage computer (with a backup) to store all our photography and music, and a third functional for a normal non-artist computer. I decided to save that third computer to give Ms. Little for her 11th birthday. Normally I would think a computer would be too expensive of a gift but since this one only took a few hours of our time to set up it was relatively free and therefore in my opinion a great gift for her.

Today I went over to her house. She squealed in delight jumping up and clapping her hands when I showed her gift. The first word out of her mouth was ‘Does this mean that I can get on Facebook?’. Spoken like a true 2009 kid. It took an hour, with Ms. Little and her twin sister to put together the new computer desk that I bought them. Then I spent another hour talking to them about computers, the maintenance that is required, how delicate they are and how to plug in all the wires. Then I spent another hour and a half walking through software that we had installed, how to use her new pen drive, and where the games I bought for her were.

I am hoping that having a computer in her home will help her to become familiar with this important tool since most jobs out in the real world require at least a working knowledge with them. I am also hoping that I can purchase teaching games to help Ms. Little with her studies at school. All her grades are super low, so low that Ms. Little’s mother was thinking about holding her back a grade. I cannot help but be sad that she is in this position. She comes from a low income family that has a single mother with 5 children and a sixth on the way, her mother has little time for her, not many positive role models, a school that is struggling with budget cuts and many ESL students. She is a product of her environment, all I can do is pray that I can give her a nudge to attempt to do better and strive for the best she can be. In the mean time a computer is a good first step.


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paul peggy zeus said...

YOU are her positive role model and what an excellent, generous gift this was - even if it was a free computer! I'm sure it will help her in school. Joining facebook may help her typing skills, spelling and reading! Good job, baby girl!

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