Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Cone of Shame

Phoenix is a problem child. Now I have to admit that none of this is her fault exactly, she is just a product of her environment and I know she would not intentionally try and drive me insane but intentions aside it is working. First she caused so much stress and worry over her stitches, hich she ripped and then continued screwing with, which caused me no end of worry until they finally healed. Then she got a nasty parasite which was treated and then the nasty parasite came back and had to be treated again. The parasite has caused her to go from eating two cups of food a day to six cups a day. This ravenous eating has caused a severe food aggression which will take a long time for us to work out of her. Then a month ago I noticed Phoenix had fleas so I gave her a flea bath and I put frontline a flea medication on her. Something I have done time and time again for my dog Rogue. The only thing is when I did this to Phoenix she got a nasty rash. I found out later from the vet that she is allergic to all skin applied flea medications. Thank goodness they make an ingestible kind just for special dogs like her. Too bad it is triple what I pay for Frontline. Sigh.

I caught Phoenix biting her feet yesterday and when I spread apart her paw pads to extract whatever picker that was causing her to chew I noticed a bunch of little red bumps all over the inside of her paw pads. So today I took Phoenix to the vet AGAIN. I was really apprehensive driving to the vet to find out what else in my epic story of animal woes of ‘Oh my god what else can go wrong’ is going to be next. Turns out Phoenix has button tumors growing on her feet.

Histiocytomas or “button” tumors” are benign tumors that develop in cells on the skin. Usually they are found in young dogs and generally are caused by a food allergy. All this really means is that I am going to have to put her on a hypoallergenic diet, I have to give her antibiotics for the next 14 days, AND she has to wear The Cone of Shame until the tumors dry up and go away.


Not only does The Cone of Shame make it difficult to walk, she keeps running into everything, or see, it also makes it very difficult to drink and eat. She looks funny trying to get the cone positioned over the bowl.


To continue the saga the vet also took another stool sample. She believes that the pesky parasite we have been fitting is not going away in which case Phoenix would need to be sent to a specialist. My high maintenance little girl is so LALA.

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paul peggy zeus said...

You just don't deserve all this Shiet! One little dog shouldn't have SO MANY different problems. I do think she looks adorable with her cone, but I'm sure she is not feeling overly pretty with it on... poor your baby girl - poor MY baby girl!

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