Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cat vs. Dog

I know there are some hard core dog lovers who would argue that dogs are the best pet and cats are terrible beings, and I also know people that would champion the best pet to be a cat. I fall somewhere in between both. I love the rough, adoring, “OH MY GOD YOU ARE HOME WE MISSED YOU SOOOOO MUCH” love that my dogs give me. I love that we go hiking together, and take walks, and play fetch, but once and a while my dogs exhaust me. In these instances I fall to peanut butter for a brief break. My cats on the other hand are lazy lounging creatures. They never listen, they wont be told what to do, or where to lay, or when to come. They never greet me at the door when I enter the house but on those lazy days reading in bed they nuzzle up and purrrrr for hours. They are my wonderful quiet companions that give their love on their terms and screw the world. I respect them for that.

So I find myself loving one side more than the other on the days when I feel most active outdoorsy or quiet and cuddly.

Saturday morning I took some photos of my animals doing what they do.

Picasso was sunbathing… He looks so content.


After about ten minutes he stretched.


Then went back to lying down sunbathing.


He made me calm and peaceful just watching him.

I then moved onto the dogs. Phoenix AKA the spaz machine went wild with a tennis ball. It took 45 minutes to take a proper photo of her because she just would not sit still.


After getting that shot I went to grab a glass of lemonade because wrangling a 7 month old puppy for a photo was a lot harder than it should be and left me a little parched. I returned to the room to find Phoenix with her favourite toy wrapped around her head. And she managed to stay still long enough for me to grab a proper shot.


I returned to my computer to download the photos. I noticed that the dogs were actually quiet for a change. Of course I went to go investigate because silence generally means trouble. I approach the dogs and this is the scene I get to, Rogue and Phoenix among the carnage of their favourite decimated toy.


Point being the silent calm peaceful feeling I had photoing the cat was eradicated when I moved to photo the dogs. They may not be peaceful but they can be exciting little terrors that they are.

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paul peggy zeus said...

And what happened to Sirah (sp?) I've been wanting to see how much weight he lost, but he is a recluse, isn't he?

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