Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bear It

On days when I am super depressed I close the door but it does not keep out the news. I cannot bear the light, I cannot bear the sound of ordinary life going on, I hear laughter through my window and I cannot understand how there can be any joy or gladness left in the world. But after a time I learn to bear it although I would have sworn I would not be able to. And I learn as I get older that there is nothing that anyone can do but bear it. Initially you can rage or weep but in the end you will have to bear it. After every heartache it becomes easier, because really I only have to learn once that I will go on. I learned that I am not a woman to be destroyed by sorrow, I learned that I will grieve but I will live and that I will once again enter the world and learn to be happy again.

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