Sunday, June 28, 2009

BBBS 15 – Round and Round We Go

Because Ms. Little had a blast the last time we went to the rink, and since I did not do HORRIBLY (aka I managed to NOT fall on my butt all the time), when she asked to return there for our outing this week I played along. I am a sucker for her like that. She asks with those beautiful doe eyes of hers and I melt. Unfortunately we made these plans last week and today by the time I had to leave the house and pick her up I was feeling particularly tired, exhausted really even though I have no excuse. There are some moment’s right before I leave the house for an outing where I consider cancelling. I will use my imagination and come up with a million REASONS to cancel like a sick friend, an emergency vet visit because the puppy swallowed 10 pairs of my underwear, or a raging case of diarrhea. Generally this only lasts for a moment, the desire to stay at home rather than drag myself out of the house. Sometimes however it lasts all the way until I am at the event I said I would go to. I am glad that I never give into this weakness of mine, I am glad I make the effort to keep the plans I make, I think that it is very important and even doubly important for BBBS matches. It is important for me to do what I say I am going to do. This is why I will never cancel plans, unless there is a real emergency, which is very rare, because it is rude to re-juggle a schedule just because a part of my brains inherently want to never leave my house again. I think this is a clear indication that I am becoming more of a homebody and less of a go out all the time kinda girl like I was in my 20s.

I managed, despite my arguing brain, to pick her up on time and we were off to the rink. Where the blisters are large, the music is loud and the constant circling of the people on the polished floor feels like piranha circling its victim. The thing about leaving the house while your brain is arguing weather or not you should use the ‘stung by a bee excuse again’ is that it does not leave a lot of leftover space to remember other important details. I had left my socks, yes my socks, one of the most important roller skating requirements. They are on the counter; the comfy super thick socks that I was hoping would cushion my feet so I that the fancy skates they have at the rink would not give me a blister like last time. So we made a detour to the ever so wonderful Target.

While in the car I use the time to talk about many different things that I think Ms. Little would benefit hearing or learning. Generally at least a half an hour every outing we talk about something important. Today we continued our discussion about maps and directions. Within the past few months I have been handing Ms. Little my new iPhone, oh how I love this little piece of technology, and she has been using the map function to navigate me through the city on our outings. We talk about the directions of the compass, how to gage how many miles we have gone, what is the proper way to write an address, and memorizing major roads and expressways. Usually we end up navigating to the destination together and then on the way home it is her job to get us back. Peppered in our navigation conversation we talked about a range of things. We discussed boys, school and the importance of getting good grades and her reading issues. Since reading is her worst subject by far in school we discussed possibly starting a library of books for her that we could read together. I was even thinking of getting and painting a book shelf for her room that we could start to fill with her own books. I love to read and I am hoping that maybe if we read a lot together this summer than I can pass some of that love onto her.

I hope in these conversations that she retains a little bit of what we talk about every time we hang out, that our outings and our relationship will make a difference in her life. And that she will have a chance to break out of the cycle that she is in. I know I cannot help everyone, my heart breaks for all the poverty I see here. But this one little girl, I hope that working together and giving her a positive role model I can give her a chance at a better life.

When we got to Target I asked Ms. Little to pick me out a pair of socks and to get herself a new pair also. After carefully considering all the choices, and damn Target has a ton of options, did I mention that I love this store. Anyways she chose a pair of black socks with stars for herself and then this is what she chose for me.


I am not sure if she thought they were funny or if she thought that they were cool. Pink is her favourite color and I guess I can be seen as preppy so argyle is defiantly in my realm of comfortability but seriously these were a tad bit loud even for me. I wore them regardless and even managed to get two compliments from people at the rink (go figure).

So once we got to the rink and since I was still mind numbingly exhausted we headed to the concession stand and got a Blue Raspberry Icee. Giggling and making faces together as we sucked down the cold drink, and fighting mild rounds of brain freeze I started to feel the million pounds of sugar coarse through my veins. This defiantly provided the jolt of sugar high I needed to get through the rest of the day and gave us some marvellous blue tongues which Ms. Little thought were cool.


I managed not to fall one single time and I even managed to impress Ms. Little with my leg crossing over turns. I did attempt to teach her but that did not go as planned. It did however end up in lots of laughter and smiles. We even called her mom and stayed at the rink an extra hour, I blame the Icee for my newfound bravado for thinking I could roller skate for four hours. I know my legs are going to be barking tomorrow. As I dropped off Ms. Little and pulled away from the house I noticed that my mood is almost always humming with happiness. I know that this program is developed to give the child a better chance and provide a positive role model but in turn she is giving me an elixir sunshine of happiness.

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paul peggy zeus said...

The socks are de bomb! Good job, Ms little. That's what you get for letting a little one pick out your socks. They're the most shocking pink EVER! I love how silly you get with her, but didn't your mother teach you not to stick out your tongue?

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