Monday, June 29, 2009

Ani DiFranco

Ms. Dancer took me to a concert tonight. We had such an amazing time. We went to an Italian café around the corner where the waiter was a complete brown noser. Ahh I remember the days when I waited on tables trying to get the best tips I could. He made me reminisce about the old days. Ms. Dancer also gave me a surprise. Internet meet Tink, a head rubbing devise that feels just DIVINE. Here I am modeling it.


P.S. It is not a good idea to try to use this in the car. The rapture it created was hard to bear.

Ani DiFranco is one of my favourite singers and when Ms. Dancer found out she was playing and that she could get tickets at a reasonable price she got them. This was my first time visiting the Orpheum and I was suitably impressed with the sign.


Once we entered I really fell in love with this smaller venue. The hall had great stadium seating. We were in the balcony and I felt like we were able to see the artist well. What I particularly loved with the old world gilded architecture. It was super opulent just the way I one day want my bathroom. I particularly loved the ceiling.


Ani of course was amazing. I think what I love most about her is that she is unique and that her song lyrics really feel like she is talking to the powerful women that all of us are. She really connects with me and to me that is priceless.

Thanks for a great night Ms. Dancer. YOU ROCK!



myLA said...

I love the insides of these venues. Such jewels in the city.

paul peggy zeus said...

I've always enjoyed concerts in a smaller establishments - the acoustics are MUCH better than in a big place where the whole place just sounds like a giant echo (like the Palace of Auburn Hills). Unfortunately, so many superstars have to choose a larger place because of the number of people who want to see them perform. I miss Masonic Temple in Detroit which they closed in the 70's and was a PERFECT place for a concert. I know, I'm dating myself here!

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