Monday, May 11, 2009

Who Did I Piss Off

This morning I woke up the same as I do every day. I gazed happily out the window glad of a new day, and then I stretched and realized that something was DEFINITELY not right. I realize that I could not turn my head and now all day I am hampered by this handicap. So today I do nothing. I sit, I sleep, I read but other than these simple tasks I am left incapacitated. One of the gifts Mr. Rogue received for his birthday was a neck warmer from my mother. I have been using it all day and it has brought a good amount of comfort. I am not really sure what I did to my neck or who I pissed off to be blessed with this much pain. I went to sleep the same as every other night. The only thing that is different are the new pillows I bought for Mr. Rogue’s birthday a few days ago. I have decided to blame the pillows because they have broken my neck. I am pretty sure that the software was not compatible with my operating system.

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