Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When One Door Closes Another Opens

Mr. Rogue and I made a decision to get another dog. A companion for me and a friend for our dog Rogue. So last month Mr. Rogue and I finally adopted a baby puppy too adorable for words and then a little more than a week later we lost her to Parvo, see here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

So we lost Mishka which nearly broke my heart. Since then we were trying to decide weather or not we should try and get another dog to help fill the void or if we should wait a while. The fact that our puppy passed away from Parvo complicates matters. Parvo is a killer of puppies and the ONLY way to kill it is with straight bleach and unfortunately no matter how well you clean I am told you can never hope to get it all. So if we wanted another puppy we would need to get an older puppy, one that has all its immunization shots. The problem with getting an older puppy is the baggage that comes with how people have treated him, paranoia’s or skittishness to what people have done to them, or mass neglect from people who don’t know how to train dogs. These animals take tons more time and attention then if you get a puppy where you can start pretty much from scratch. And sometimes like with my cat Seurat who I adopted much later in life, they have things that stick with them, no matter how much of their trust and respect you gain or how hard you train them. That one thing no matter what it is may always set them off. After Mr. Rogue and I talked we decided to chance getting an older puppy. I am home a lot and I have the extra time to give an older puppy. And we really want one now before I get pregnant.

Mr. Rogue and I went and looked at a 5 month old puppy last Saturday and fell in love with her. She is a beautiful well behaved puppy and after spending an hour there with her we decided to submit an application. Unfortunately many other people had also fell in love with her and the organization decided to take a few days to peruse all the interested parties to find the best match for the puppy. I have been a ball of nerves since then hoping and praying that we are chosen. Today we found out that we were selected and that the puppy will be delivered to us sometime this weekend. Here is the photo of her courtesy of Noah’s Bark Rescue.



cfunkhauser said...

YAHOO!!!!!!!We can't wait to meet her.

paul peggy zeus said...

She looks a lot like rogue! I'm glad you were able to get her.

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