Sunday, May 31, 2009

Technologically Challenged

As a treat, Mr. Rogue and I got dressed up and went out to dinner just the two of us, which lets just say it has been a while. With my brother in law living with us the past year most of our meals are held with an audience and generally even when we go out Mr. Fruit joins us. We really don’t mind him staying with us most of the time but today we just needed a little us time so I grabbed out some frozen lasagne for him and we took off to be alone.


Pretty much the ENTIRE half an hour trip to the restaurant I bemoaned my technologically challenged existence. Thursday my email stopped working, it is STILL not working properly and I could barely stand the pressure of not being able to communicate effectively. I thought I could not feel more out of touch without my email until today my new iPhone decided to stop allowing me to make or receive phone calls or texts or get on the internet FOR NO REASON. Well maybe it was because I dropped it, because I did drop it, but it isn’t like these phones are not MADE to be dropped and banged and beat up. I know it is sad but I feel like I can barely function, like I have been left without my two main modes of communication and seriously what did I do now to deserve this. I am hoping tomorrow morning first thing I can get to the ATT store and they can repair half of my soul. That way I can make phone calls, I know my mommy will make me feel better.

Once we got to the restaurant and after I stopped crying conversations moved to brighter and happier topics like discussing the travel plans we have for the rest of the year. After long debates over what we wanted to do and what we were going to be able to do we decided on a few things.

1. June I may go visit Ms. Pool Shark in Pittsburgh for a few days
2. July Mr. Rogue and I will go camping maybe with a group somewhere close for a long weekend
3. August Ms. Ivy League and I are going on either a Caribbean cruise OR a Mexican cruise
4. September I am off to the Philippines to help Ms. Fruit and Baby Fruit join Mr. Fruit by moving to the United States
5. October Mr. Rogue and I are going to take a week long trip somewhere relaxing for a week either a cruise to Alaska OR a resort somewhere with a beach and alcohol, those are Mr. Rogue’s requirements the details are up for me to research and us to decide on.
6. November we will be visiting my parents, Mr. & Mrs. Traveler, wherever in the United States they have decided to stop
7. December we will be traveling to Mr. Rogue’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Faith, for two weeks to visit the parents, his sister, and his friends who we will potentially spend New Years Eve with

I know this may sound a lot but seriously if we are thinking about having kids soon it is time to live it up now before we are shackled with a little someone and it is a lot harder to escape for a vacation.


paul peggy zeus said...

I'm so glad to hear you are coming for a little visit. We;ll be at Wallmart. Come join us for a little fun and a wonderful shopping experience too. Love you!

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