Sunday, May 24, 2009

Puppy Thoughts

So here we are with a new puppy. She has only been here for eight days but it feels like much longer. So far she has ripped her stitches, gotten a parasite, been contained and restrained from roughhousing, and we have found out that she is food aggressive. On the plus side she is proving to be super smart. She has learned to sit, to stay, she is learning to not jump on people, and she is doing much better with her pottie training. Today she began a new favourite game ‘Lets terrorize the cats’ who by the way are extremely unhappy that they now have to share the house with another dog.

Rogue however is ecstatic about the puppy, they are like to best friends, and I believe they get closer every day. There seems to be a new life to my older dog and I could not be happier that they are getting along so well. They are playing all day sometimes it looks like a vicious fight but really they are just having a WONDERFUL time!

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paul peggy zeus said...

The first photo is an excellent shot! Her eye really looks frightening.

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