Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saving a Marriage

Sometimes you plan for a day and then it takes a bend to the right. Tonight Mr. Rogue and I planned to do something we love. As often as we can we choose a recipe and then make something new and different. Today we choose to make a Chicken Parmigianino from scratch recipe but by the time I finished the other things that I had planned for the day I was to exhausted to even think about making food let alone standing for hours and working on a new recipe. I knew the joy would be diminished in my less than exuberant state, I knew that I would get frustrated or crabby or upset and the balance of joy would teeter to not so much fun. I knew that my head would probably dislocate from my neck and it would spin around poltergeists style. I also knew that during one of these temper tantrums thoughts would go through Mr. Rogues head ‘I wonder if my wife is NUTS.’ Therefore on impulse and in order to save our marriage I suggested pizza and a movie, both of which we can accomplish before we would have been finished making the Parmigianino. This ended up being a SUPER phenomenal idea and I could not have been happier with our homebody evening.

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