Thursday, May 14, 2009

Puppy Nesting

I spent all day today cleaning and preparing for when the new puppy gets here. I wanted to be all caught up on my chores so I could just spend all week next week focused on her and the massive amounts of training and attention she is going to need. I spent so much of the past 6 years locked up in an office, behind a desk, working my butt off as a computer guru. I could not help but grin as I rolled up my sleeves and spent all day outside in the yard. I weeded the flower beds, I cut back plants, I mowed the lawn, and I clipped fresh flowers for the house. It was an amazing day of manual labour, something that I feel I don’t get enough of. Once I finished I sat under the porch with a lemonade in my hand, Rogue at my feet, and I watched the sunset in my beautiful back yard.

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