Saturday, May 30, 2009

Baby Brain: Goldie Locks

Mr. Rogue and I are talking about getting pregnant so recently I began my research and began the necessary steps to go about preparing. I have my first of three OBGYN appointments on Monday and I know to some that may seem excessive but I am really looking for a woman that I connect with. And yes I stress woman which I found out is WAY harder to find than a man. Seriously I only want women touching me and all my girl parts. I have been told that a great OBGYN will make or break a birth and since I have a VERY large aversion to doctors to begin with I thought that if I at least liked my doctor that would be a good first step. Hopefully one of the three will be just right, if not then I will just keep looking. I would rather wait longer and find the perfect one than just settle for someone that will make the experience harder than it is and perhaps even cause such a traumatic event for me that the first child is the only child.

So I spent a good portion of today doing research and attempting to gather questions and get some loose ideas of what I am looking for. Because SERIOUSLY I have no idea what the hell I am doing. There is so much I do not know. Now I know that you cannot PLAN everything, that rarely do things follow as expected, but I am a planner kind of person and it makes me feel more prepared if I over plan than under plan. So I am researching and I am flabbergasted at how much information is out there.

I have basically decided that I would like a doctor that has a non-invasive philosophy, as in let my body do what women have been doing for GENERATIONS and only step in for invasive procedures if the baby’s or my life is in danger. This means no induced labor and no epidural, although I reserve my right to change my mind as of right now I would rather skip all those drugs in my system. I want the same doctor every time I visit AND I want that same doctor to deliver my baby. I realize that there is off times for doctors but seriously I want to stress making a connection with the person delivering my child AND if there is the possibility of someone else delivering my child then I want to know who that person is and have a chance to build a relationship with them as well. I found out this is EXTREAMLY hard to do but I am going to remain adamant about this.

Questions I am going to ask:
- Are they board certified?
- How long have you been practicing obstetrics?
- How many babies have you delivered?
- How much time do you allow for each prenatal visit?
- What percentage of your own patients do you deliver a month?
- How do you deal with high-risk pregnancy issues?
- How do you help couples with infertility, can I get those procedures done here?
- What kind of fetal testing do you perform? Are there options?
- Is there someone I can talk to between appointments if I have questions? Is there a way to reach you in case of an emergency?
- What is your philosophy on caesareans and induced labor? What is the percentage of your patients that get these? Can you perform a caesarean or if you do not who would perform it? Does the hospital have around the clock person to perform one?
- Do you have an advanced speciality in any surgical or pregnancy areas?
- Have you been sued for malpractice? Why?
- How many people am I allowed to have in the birthing room?
- Is it ok if I have a doula?
- Do you recommend child birthing classes
- At what point will you meet me at the hospital? When I am first admitted or who will be in charge of my care until you come?
- If I have complications that you cannot handle who would be the backup obstetrician?

Questions I am going to ask the Office Manager
- What does my insurance cover? What are the fees I should expect?
- How long is the average wait?
- Do you allow visits if I have issues or questions?

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paul peggy zeus said...

Very good. I highly recoomend you visit the hospitals. Go visit the birthing room. Also check out the nursery. Are there a lot of screaming, unattended babies? How about incubators and life support for the baby in case there is trouble. Do they offer a goodbye dinner? What about breast feeding? I also highly recommend birthing classes too! MOM

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