Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Cake

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, which translated means that things just sometimes don’t go my way, which translated means that it makes me about as aggravated as a fat kid without cake! Today in celebration of the Memorial Day holiday AND in celebration that Mr. Rogue, GASP, actually got the holiday off this year, we decided to have an impromptu BBQ. Because it was last minute, meaning I made a few phone calls last night it ended up being just Mr. & Ms. Dancer, Mr. & Mrs. Sweetie and Mr. Rogue and I. But I was fine with that, a small group was great and right up my alley for a lazy sunny day with yummy BBQ food. What I was not ok with was that as soon as Mr. Dancer walked in the room he put on the Lakers game and then proceed to watch the game and pretty much ignore everyone else. He did such a good job of getting sucked into the game that after the meal, which we ate as soon as everyone got there, EVERYONE, decided that it would be FUN to watch the game, everyone that is except me.

I don’t like sports, in fact I think that watching them is just as bad as playing them. I understand that some people like them and that is fine as long as they don’t affect me at all. Today’s obsession affected me, I was not happy. At least there was cake at the end of the night. I had seconds.


Ivy said...

Sucks. It's bad enough that we have to endure Superbowl weekend! :-) On the other hand, you are still TRYING to get out there and have a social life, to break free from the depression. That's great. So it didn't work out. Ok, well, keep trying. Think how many happy, successful dinner parties you've had! You throw a great party, and last minute, too. Wish I could have been there to sympathize about the *shudder* SPORTS.

paul peggy zeus said...

I'm glad you were being optomistic - AT LEAST YOU HAD CAKE, right?

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