Friday, May 1, 2009

Palm Springs: Just One More Drink

This weekend my friends and I were off to Palm Springs for a little girls getaway weekend which I DESPERATLY needed. Mrs. Cutie Pie got off work and we were on the road by 3. Even thought the traffic was horrible we got there by 5 and were able to check in and change. Tonight it was just Mrs. Cutie Pie and I and we were on a mission to have a nice adult night with martinis and sushi. After we got directions for a good sushi place within walking distance we headed out into the warm desert night air and we started walking and walking and walking until we started seeing less and less of the town and more and more of the suburbs. That is when we decided to turn back and just find anything to eat in the town. We found another sushi place after another long walk only to enter to see a seedy dive restaurant with only bar seating. We walked immediately out. After stumbling along further we gave up and agreeing to stop at ANY type of nice restaurant we saw we stumbled upon a perfect place. It was a nice restaurant that served sushi, had a great outdoor seating area AND it had martinis.

We had a great long drawn out dinner which I feel like I don’t do often enough. Generally eating is rushed, you are so busy you have to cram food into your mouth so you can get to the next thing on the list of a million things that you have to do. Either you are at a restaurant and you are hurrying to a movie OR you are tired and want to eat quickly to get home OR you are just conditioned that this is the way you eat. It took us three hours to order and share 7 courses and 3 martinis because we would order, the item would come, we would eat and chat and when we were finished we would order the next time. I have to say it was one of the most wonderful meals ever. I am going to have to make a conscious effort to slow down a little more when we are eating and use this slow ordering style more often.

After dinner and back at the hotel Mrs. Cutie Pie humoured me and sat with another drink while I shot a couple games of pool at the bar because I love shooting pool and defiantly don’t get to do it often enough. We made some new friends, two older men, who were neither to drunk or too creepy which is generally not the usual case. An hour and a half later I dragged Mrs. Cutie Pie up to the room insistently chanting that we were “ON VACATION”, that we should “DEFINATLY STAY FOR JUST ONE MORE DRINK!!!!!” But since we were both buzzing and since tomorrow was a much larger celebration that we both needed to be ready for I insisted we leave and she shocked me by listening. So we were in bed, on a Friday night, on vacation, by 11:30pm; it was simply amazing!

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