Saturday, May 23, 2009

BBBS 12: Beach Kites

I feel guilty because this is the first time I am seeing my little sister in 28 days and the only excuse I have is that I could not drag together enough energy to call her let alone plan an outing and see her. Today I forced myself to go out and I had a blast. It was a simple plan today, I would pick her up, we would fly a kite and then lunch and of course ice cream. It was a beautiful Californian day, we got to the beach, set up the kite, and then spent the next hour and a half running across the beach praying that the DAMN kite would take off into the air like it DAMN well was supposed to. After about 25 minutes of failed attempts we sat down to read the directions and regroup. Was the kite constructed correctly – check, were we holding it the right way – check, there was wind – check, frustration – check! Back to the drawing board we ran and ran and ran, people started giving us their best ‘Kite expert opinions’ which we tried all of them. Nothing worked. We had failed. I knew if my dad was there he would have been able to get the kite to fly but that is the disadvantage of growing up, having to deal with life without your parents to fix things for you.

So kite flying attempt failed we decided to put our feet in the water and then hit the swings. The last time I was on a swing my butt was DEFIANTLY a lot smaller but I still had the moves. I showed her how to hook your feet in the chains and I showed her how to do the back flip dismount. I was a damn cool big sister at that moment and I redeemed my lack of kite flying skills.

We had enough time to swing by the house so that Ms. Little could meet the new puppy and there ensued a VERY long conversation about what happed to the cute other puppy you had, why did we get a new puppy, and why does this new puppy have a big bandage on. So we talked about virus’s, the advantages of getting a surgery for your dog so they cant have more dogs, a conversation about how the vet hospital works, and a conversation about how some things are out of your control.

As always we ended our outing with ice cream cones and lots of laughter.

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paul peggy zeus said...

I love the photo of Ms Little on the swing! Sorry your kite experience didn't work out. We'll have to go out and fly a kite next time we get together.

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