Thursday, May 28, 2009

Escape Artist

Today in an effort to keep my mind and body busy, aka not passed out in bed upset, I decided to tackle some yard work. I mowed the lawn, I weeded the flowerbeds, and I cut back some overgrown plants. Basically I declared war on Mother Nature, I think I won. However that is not what I want to talk about in today’s post, instead I want to talk about mowing the lawn. I think it is one of those tasks like vacuuming or folding laundry that I just find SOOTHING, maybe because it is so repetitive and it takes minimal brain activity to make straight clean lines in the grass. I was having such a great time today that I guess I forgot to correctly latch the gate. Normally this would not be an issue because Rogue is super well trained, I could leave the gate all the way open and he would not leave the yard. However it was an issue today because I have a new puppy, a puppy who does NOT know to stay in the back yard, a puppy who is apparently pretty smart and figured out how to open the closed back gate.

I freaked out when I got to the yard and saw the gate open, I called for her but of course I have only had her for twelve days so I did not know if she would come. So I started running down the street covered in grass with my work gloves and crocs on frantically calling my puppy’s name as tears streaked down my face. Thankfully before I worked myself up to a full anxiety attack, which I was rapidly escalating to, a man walked around the corner with a rope tied around Phoenix’s collar. I ran up to him and kneeled down to wrap my arms around my baby girl. Thankfully he found her and she is now OK.

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