Saturday, May 9, 2009

A First Glance Can Be Deceiving

As part of some of my friends to get a little more mature with our outings but on a lower budget than going out to dinner we decided a few months ago to start a dinner party circuit. There are 5 couples in the group and the idea is that each month and a half or so we would all get together and the hostess would cook food, wine, appetisers and games for us. With five couples in rotation it amounts to bearing the burden of being the hostess only twice a year which works out great. Today was the third meeting and Mr. Rogue's and I first time attending. That is why we decided on 5 couples because ONE couple at least can never make the date and this way we have more than just 4 people.

So today Ms. Mary, despite being super busy with just getting engaged, had us all over for a post Cinco de Mayo Mexican extravaganza. I was a little worried because Ms. Mary is the LEAST domestic in the group and I was not sure how the whole ‘being a hostess’ and cooking us food would go for her. But I do have to say that she did an amazing job and I was super impressed by her ability to pull everything together. Way to go Ms. Mary, YOU ROCK!


In the tide of conversation we ended up talking about first impressions and how sometimes they can be very far off the mark. Now this is a group of girls that have been friends since early college years, a group that I joined about 3 years ago, a group that I love, one that I am closer to some more than others and a group that I am still getting to know. Some of the more outskirts of the group I don’t get as much of a chance to interact with them and I guess I made judgments off of meeting them only a few times a year as we bumped into each other at a party or a wedding. Today I got to spend a lot of time with two members of the group who I rarely get to interact with on a more intimate level in a smaller party setting and I was glad that we had such a great time together. I constantly have to keep reminding myself to grow as a person, too question, to look past things like the first impression which may or may not be true to reality. I am glad I have reassessed my opinion because we had such a great time and because in this world you can never have too many wonderful friends.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself so much. Way to go.

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