Monday, April 13, 2009

We Should Wear Signs

I have been watching re-runs of Sex and the City again, I know YES again, and I will argue the fact that I am not killing brain cells by watching it to many times. I am unemployed and I LOVE IT. But I do have a point I promise. I just think that Sex and the City is so well written that you cannot possibly absorb all the AWSOMENESS watching it once, I don’t even think that you can on the 3,000th time which I am sure is close to the number of times that I have seen this series. With each cycle of the DVD’s I learn about something that I may have missed before AND I am finding that the meanings and the tone of what the characters are communicating as I grow older is causing me to interpret the message differently.

Forgive me as I step into “girl (sex and the city obsessed) geek speak” but I just watched the episode where they are talking about how it is hard to find a man in Manhattan because not only do you have to find someone that you like, that you get along with, that does not annoy you with their secret quirks, but that you also have to find someone who has their ‘light on’. Now their light they were referring to was that they were also looking to fall in love and get married. Which unfortunately I don’t think crosses MOST men’s minds as they are prowling the bars looking for a good time. Anyways it got me thinking about lights, and signs, and how the world would be so much easier if everyone wore symbols that signified what stage of life they were in and what they were looking for. For example:

Star Wars Patch: I am from the nerd herd and I am looking for fun and titillating star wars enactments in full costume on Friday nights; please be a sexy Leah to my Luke Skywalker.

Baby Patch: Yes I am pregnant: You don’t have to dance around the subject and try to ask me inane questions as you try to avoid looking too closely at my stomach to see if I just packed on 30lb of Twinkies in the past month or if I am in fact growing new life in my now extended abdomen. (yes I have put on weight and I totally blame the Twinkies)

Knight in Shining Armour Patch: Please oh my god I don’t know if I can take dating for one more single second, actually I don’t know if I can continue pretending to be interested in college or a career. Please will some rich and super amazing man just sweep in and rescue me already.
I think the world would be a much easier place if I just had to put a patch on my chest to get what I wanted.

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