Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Talk Started with a Guardian Angel

Today after my Wednesday night S class I went out with some of my favourite girls from class, Ms. Eden and Ms. Soul, to get our delicious sushi and girl talk. I relish the moments after class almost as much as I love the moments in class because I feel like class nourishes my body and soul but my girls they nourish my heart and my life. Anyways I really enjoy some of the topics that we talk about, generally sandwiched between gossip about boys and managing stress there are nuggets of intelligent debate and exploring some off subject. Today we were talking about other world phenomenon and weather it is a manifestation of a vastly creative mind (human minds) OR if there is really something out there and the various mediums we have invented to try and explain it. In other words is other world phenomenon internal or external. When I say phenomenon I am talking about a very wide range of things such as spirits, ghosts, angels, connections when two people can communicate over long distances of pain or danger, reincarnation, and the list goes on.

I don’t have very much experience with the paranormal except I have felt touched or a presence on two occasions. The first is that I feel very strongly that I have a guardian angel. Now weather this is a feeling I have that I manifest into a thought that I have a guardian angel or if I do in fact have one I don’t know. But what I do know is that I have felt something there and this thing has helped me on MANY occasions when I felt I was stuck or in trouble. The other experience I have was a spirit massage one of my very hippy Californian friends gave me as a birthday gift a few years ago. It was a typical deep tissue massage and then afterwards when you were all relaxed she would give a reading of your aura and any images that came to her through my massage. Although I was highly sceptical of her skills her reading at the end of the session was highly eerily accurate. She said that my aura was red, that she saw a lot of power in my spirit and that I was a strong woman used to getting my way. Then she went on to tell me that she saw flashes of a little girl in a beautiful field flying a kite. That she was a happy girl, carefree, trusting and fun. Then she went on to explain that that little girl and her beautiful field was protected by a huge bull running a large circle of protection around it and that bull kept everything and anything out. She said this bull showed off the fact that I had a tough exterior, that it was hard to get into my inner wall of trust, but that once I had decided to let people pass the wall that they would fall under my protection. She said that she could feel that I was sceptical but that it did not matter because she was only telling me what she saw and that she knew that she was on the outside of the field and that I was not ready to let her into the field to learn more. Other things that COULD be labelled as paranormal are smaller like a shiver in an alley, the feeling that I have been to a place before, the feeling of danger meeting a complete stranger, or feeling a deep connection to someone you have never met.

Cultures and civilizations have been working on channelling or explaining these paranormal activities forever. Religion is probably one of the largest groups that try to put these questions into answers. I think many religions have done a pretty good job to help tide the masses into being better people and pushing them to be the best person that they can be with rules and guidelines. I however am still torn on the role of religion and what I really believe. I guess I would have called myself Christian in a very very general sense because that is how I was raised and that is what I have always believed. But as I have gotten older I have tried to identify what I truly believe. One theory that I have that I have been coming back to time and time again over the past few years is my Indian theory. Basically I believe that religion is like the lives of Indians. You have a tribe of Indians in Florida and you have a tribe of Indians in Alaska. Both tribes need basic necessities of food and shelter but the tribe in Florida will be hunting alligators and small woodland creatures, they will live in huts made of wood and wear thin furs to keep them cool in the heat. Whereas the tribe in Alaska need the same basic necessities but will be hunting polar bear and seals, they will live in igloos and wear layers and layers of furs to keep them warm in the extreme temperatures. So I think of people as tribes and how they think as where they live and religion as the medium of how they get their basic needs met. Because people think so differently and because they have various different needs there cannot be one religion because one way of getting what they need from the environment will not work. The other religions are basically all the same; love yourself, love your neighbour, be good and do well, and when something bad happens there is someone there to help make it better, there is a plan and a purpose to it all. I like to think of myself as a spiritual person trying to forage answers for myself. I think that religion does give the answers to many unanswered questions and in general gives guidelines for how to live a good life.

Anyways I still do not have an answer to my question of weather we are the creators of other worldly activity on this earth or if it is in fact there and we are basically trying to explain it but I do believe that there is something that we as a human race feel and I love the creative energies people come up with in order to explain it.

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