Friday, April 10, 2009

Anza Borrego: Spooning is Natures Propane

Planning to leave with a large group of people never seems to go right, meaning something always goes wrong or someone is always late, in other words shit gets screwed up. This time I have no one to blame but myself for holding things up and not being ready on time and I don’t even have a really cool excuse other than the fact that I misjudged how long it would take to do the million and one tasks I had volunteered to do. We did end up getting on the road at a semi decent time but only because everyone chipped in to help. Ms. Sweetie brought yummy breakfast food, Mr. Rogue got exasperated at the MOUNTAIN of things that I insisted we needed and quit packing mid way through when it looked like said shit was not going to fit, and then we got all packed and everyone in the cars only to find out Mr. Sweetie had left his sunglasses at home which caused another delay. Basically chaos ensued.

The drive up wasn’t too bad, I had Ms. Sweetie in the car with me and we easily chatted which kept me from falling asleep but not from going uncomfortably fast for the two cars following me. I was born with a lead foot; at least I was not on the phone and doing my makeup at the same time. Once we got to the site and started setting up our tents Mother Nature decided to throw a curve ball and the quiet day suddenly burst into a flurry of high winds. So while struggling to get our stakes to hold in the loose sand, and battling to keep our lightweight tents, more like kites in this weather, down somehow we all managed to erect our lodgings for the next few nights. We sat down at the picnic table to get a drink when all of a sudden the Sweeties tent pulled loose of its earthly shackles and took off across the desert. Mr. Sweetie screaming took off at a run to grab it before the cacti in the area annihilated its thin skin. In the process of saving the tent he lost a shoe, stomped on a ton of cactuses, and banged himself up pretty good. He was in a lot of pain and I can tell you from experience you cant get all of those microscopic hairs out. They are like little shards of glass and the only way they are coming out is if and when they grow out. I would say a few weeks.

After I helped put the tent back up and after we all secured our tents with large boulders in order to prevent another tent flying experience a few of us branched off to explore the area. We rock climbed, we found a lizard, we revealed at the desert flower colors, and then we found the flaming bush. And we ran to the flaming bush, and we danced around the flaming bush and then we took pictures jumping around the flaming bush, because that is what my friends and I do we be crazy with random things. Like the flaming bush, say it out loud, itsnt it a cool thing to say. Here is the photo.

The temperature at night scaled way back and although I was prepared with my multiple layers of flannel and turtleneck sweaters I was glad for the heat of the fire. I am always amazed that the day can feel so hot and then once the sun sinks over the land the temperature drops so dramatically. I am glad I have my new sleeping bag, and with Mr. Rogue, my wonderful husband, and Rogue my wonderful dog on either side I will have no problem keeping nice and toasty warm tonight.

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