Friday, April 24, 2009


Sometimes I really wish I spoke another language, Spanish for instance would be a great choice because there is such a large population of Mexican people here who speak little to no English. It is very frustrating when you approach someone with a question or they want something and you have NO IDEA what the hell they are talking about.

I had two instances today where I could have really used my new language. The first I was at the store buying a new workout outfit and this woman walked up to my cart and picked up my top right out of the cart. I said “Oh excuse me, that is my cart.” as I am very obviously standing right next to it. She just stared at me and blinked, so I stared back and tried to communicate with my eyes that this was my cart, as in put it the hell down BIOTCH. “Dis is bery nice” she said. So I told her where she could find it in the store but she just stared and said again “Dis is bery nice.” That is the moment comprehension struck and I realized that she did not speak English. So with hand signals and gesturing I was able to hold up the garment, make walking motion with my fingers and point to the area of the store that the outfit was in. She smiled in comprehension and tootled off with my garment. I went and got another one off the rack, it just was not worth trying to run through it again, and I really did not think the manager of the store would have appreciated a cat fight between me and that woman.

The second instance I could have used Spanish today was not more than 30 minutes later when I got home from the store. Pulling in I noticed that there were workers mowing the lawn next door. Since we bought the house three years ago Mr. Rogue has been mowing the lawn himself, a job that I have taken over and I find to my suprise that I am actually enjoying, however I wanted my lawn edged. Unfortunatly you need a specific tool to edge a lawn, it has a blade that cuts into the grass and dirt overlapping the sidewalk and creates a mini and perfect little path between the sidewalk and the grass. Since I saw that they had an edger I walked over and asked if he would mind edging our yard for a few bucks, he looked at me and blinked. I sighed, here we go again, and again broke out my amazing mime skills that very obviously went awry with my earlier sign language conversation. I motioned the edging machine on the truck, I pointed at my very obviously ‘Has not been edged in three years’ lawn and then I held up a five dollar bill. He nodded in comprehension and cheerfully whistled as he began to edge my lawn. I was estatic that my miming skills actually worked this time and that my lawn was going to look so nice, he was happy with his five dollars and the fact that I could not understand what he was bellowing to his two other coworkers that were watching him. His rapid conversation with his friends in Spanish was probably around the line of ‘Dude this crazy lady thought I did not speak English so she started all this fanatical hand waving crap and then paid me 5 dollars for doing something that I would have done for a buck’. Ah if I had only known how to speak Spanish I could have told him that 'Dude this crazy lady speaks Spanish, I thought you were Phillipine, and Oh by the way you owe me four bucks!'

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