Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sick Baby

So Mishka (the new puppy) is ill. She won’t eat and she won’t drink and she won’t get out of her bed. I started giving her water with a turkey baster in the middle of the night to force some kind of liquid in her. At 7:00 am in the morning when the vet opened I called to see if I could get an appointment and I was so glad that they could fit me in.

I anxiously watched her all day surfing online for causes of her illness and talking to friends. I was talking to Ms. Bulldog about my poor little sick puppy and you know that you are really an adult when you can talk about your dogs poop and not start snickering because really it was not intended or taken as a joke, this is serious mommy talk. When babies are really young the poop is the key. You have to watch closely for any signs of change because it is not like a baby or a dog can tell you how they feel when they have a tummy ache or some other problem like stress. I mean it’s not like they can run to the mall and get a ton of new clothes shopping, then come home and have a trough of wine and pass out drunk to like I do to relive my stress.

I watched the clock closely like you did in school wishing that damn bell would ring so you could leave. I wanted to get to the vet early because I was anxious to see the doctor and find out what was wrong with my baby sweetheart. The doctor let me know that my puppy was dehydrated and obviously underweight. We went through a list of the symptoms and what could be possible causes and she did some tests and sent me home with antibiotics and wet sensitive stomach puppy food. She said that she will call tomorrow with the test results and that I should try and get the puppy to eat this rich wet food every hour and attempt to get her to drink liquids as if I could coax her with promises of unlimited candy or a trip to Disney World.

I am an anxious mommy and I know I am not going to get any sleep again tonight because I am so worried about my little girl. I really hope she does not have anything to serious and it will be cleared up soon so she can romp and play and attack unsuspecting blades of grass.

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