Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jullian: Shut Your Pie Hole

Today we are sadly leaving our desert camping site and heading home. On a good note we were informed by Mr. Dancer, of some luscious area called Jullian which supposedly had the BEST DAMN pies ever. So we all agreed to take the modified route home because pie sounds like a DAMN fine idea. Unfortunately this alternate route took us on some of the windiest “Oh MY GOD we are going to fall off the edge of this cliff” roads. They were so bad that my speeding habit was thwarted which may or may not have been Mr. Dancer’s evil agenda.

We all decided to go to a super cute diner and then to the pie shop and I was torn on what to do with Rogue. On one hand it was not that hot, I was parked in the shade and I could just leave all the windows open all the way and hope no one in Po-dunk Julian would rip me off. On the other hand I hate leaving him even if just for a little while, it makes me nervous because he is such a great dog, I love him so much, I don’t want him to get hurt or stolen. Luckily we were able to get a table in view of the car and everything went smoothly. That French fries and hamburger tasted so damn delicious. My whole soul was singing with happiness.

Unfortunately the wonderfully amazing food caused a food baby, cramps, and a feeling that I needed to find ANY flat surface so I could lie down and take a 5 hour nap. I was so happy when the drive was finally over and I was able to get into the shower, use a toilet that flushed, get into a comfy bed and the best part use two ply toilet paper again. Because that papery crap at the campsite was more like sad sandpaper.

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