Friday, April 3, 2009

Photo Phriday: Seurat

I decided that this week and next week for Photo Phriday, following last week of capturing images of Rogue, that I would complete the pet series and photo Seurat this week. I remember when I had Picasso and was considering getting another cat and thinking, “I love Picasso so much I feel like my heart is full, I don’t know if I can love another cat as much as I love him.” When the opportunity presented itself for Seurat to come into my small family of just Picasso and I I found out that I should not have worried. I love Seurat and Picasso equally but for totally different reasons. Seurat is my lazy cat, my fat cat, my temperamental know it all “Oh you want me to come to you” turn the other way type of cat, our relationship is on his terms in his own time, and I could not be happier than having such a wonderful snugly friend. I think a lot of these came out pretty good but unfortunately since I took most of these late at night I had to use the flash so the lighting is a bit off.

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