Friday, April 17, 2009

Photo Phriday: Indian Canyon

This photo phriday I had my new camera to play with and my parents, who I am visiting for a few days, and I decided to go hiking at one of the local beauty spots that claimed on being one of the most wonderful places to hike on the west coast. The trip there was less than pleasant and instead of only taking 30 minutes to get there we took an hour and a half which lead to crankiness but once we did get there we were BLOWN away by how beautiful it was. There was so much to see and photo that I got more than enough for this weeks assignment. I actually had a really hard time weeding through the 700 some odd photos trying to pick out the best. I feel like I am getting better and better with my photography, practice does make perfect, and since I have created these weekly assignments I have seen a marked improvement.




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