Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BBBS 10 – Easter Egg Dying

One of the best things about being a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters is that you get to create and relive all those fun things that you used to as a child. I am 30 years old, I don’t have children, and I cannot tell you the last time I dyed Easter eggs, or went looking around the house for my Easter basket and plastic eggs. Today since Ms. Little is out of school for Spring Break I had her over for an impromptu fun Easter themed visit. We stopped at the grocery store to pick up one of those Easter egg dye kits and we got a dozen and a half eggs to decorate. Ms. Dancer, my best friend, got to meet Ms. Little for the first time.

I week ago I had completed Ms. Little’s Easter adorable Easter basket. I seriously had the BEST time picking out a pink basket with pink iridescent grass. I filled it with various types of chocolate, a ‘to big for the box’ chocolate bunny, a Hanna Montana notebook and pencils. I also had three plastic eggs that she had to find. Two were filled with jelly beans and the third was filled with $6.25 worth of quarters that I had stole from our change jar. After searching the house and finding the basket and three eggs she, like a true kid, sat down to count her spoils and investigate everything that she got. Imagine my surprise that the quarters made her eyes the size of saucers and she jumped up with such EXTREME glee that I seriously thought her head was going to explode. I learned a valuable lesson in that moment, $6.25 worth of quarters to Ms. Little was like a 50% off sale at a Manolo Blahnick outlet for me. I am going to keep this little nugget of insight close to my heart for future bribing.

After gorging on chocolate, because I have decided to act with her like a friend slash indulgent aunt and that is what I do, I pick her up whole and healthy and return her with a tummy ache from to much sweets in place of lunch. Ms. Little and I read the directions on the egg dying kit, divvied up the dye tablets into plastic cups, and added the vinegar and water to create our dipping colors. Ms. Dancer got the shaft end of the bargain she had the job of attempting to blow out the insides some of the eggs. If you have never done this it is a painful laborious process that requires A LOT of patience and time. AKA I am glad that I was busy bonding with Ms. Little and had little time to actually help with the egg blowing process.

For those of you that are wondering to blow out an egg:
1. Insert a safety pin to create a hole into both the top and the bottom of the egg.
2. And through trial and error this is what Ms. Dancer added to our steps. Insert a toothpick into the bottom hole to create a larger EXIT space for the egg to go.
3. Use the safety pin (or in our case the toothpick) into the egg via the bottom and wiggle it around to break up the yoke and the white so it makes it easier to get the egg to come out the hole.
4. Blow through the top hole and the idea is that the egg will come out the bottom.

It took Ms. Dancer almost an hour to blow out only 4 eggs so be sure to have a lot of patience. Once we started dying the eggs we had a ton of fun, it was messy, Ms. Little kept dropping her hardboiled eggs and there was a ton of laughter in the mix. Ms. Dancer and I pretty much gave up the idea of working on our beautiful gorgeous egg ideas that we were going to try from Martha Stewart (OH MY GOD SHE IS DIVINE) Living Easter magazine that just came out. I will let you know how that goes later in the week.

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