Sunday, April 19, 2009

Little Dude

With a raging headache from the amount of alcohol I imbibed last night I woke up and drove home from Ms. Eden’s house to get packed and go to the beach with the Rambo’s and the Sweetie’s. Thankfully I woke up at 7:30 and after Ms. Dancer, Ms. Eden and I all talked for a bit I went home early to eat toast and soup with my husband who also had a rough night last night with his friends and a pile of beer bottles. We decided after we had finished eating that we would sleep another 2 hours instead of getting to work on the list of stuff we were supposed to get done today. Because procrastination is a hung over woman’s friend I have found.

So after another 2 hours of sleep and fortified with my now more settled belly I had my 30th shock of my morning. I had a message on my cell phone that was left at 1:30am by Brinks our home security alarm system. Unfortunately I was passed out by this time so I did not get the message until now. When I questioned Mr. Rogue he said the alarm had not gone off and that the police had not come by. This is when my brother in law, Mr. Fruit, who is staying with us chimed in that he had set off the alarm because he had been drunk and he remembers opening the door and then not remembering why, and then he did not remember the code, and then he tried to wake up my passed out drunk husband, and then finally managed to get the alarm off and then had to deal with the police that came over. All this happened, the house alarm, the attempted waking up, and the sirens of the cops without Mr. Rogue missing a snore.

After solving the alarm question, which left all of us vowing to never set the alarm drunk again, Mr. Rogue and I were off to pick up the Sweeties too meet up with the Rambo’s already on the beach. Although I was in less than tip top shape we were able to have a great time lying there on the beach doing absolutely nothing except drinking water and cat napping all day long. It really is a tough life.

P.S. I was super jealous of Ms. Rambo’s amazingly cool turtle kite with streamers!

Sailing through the air he reminded me of the turtles in Finding Nemo. I am therefore naming him Little Dude. And if you are one of the 6 people who has been living under a rock and have not seen this move here is the video of that part.

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