Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jobless Hussy

It is now the 3rd month, the 14th week, the 98th day of my unemployment. I thought by now I would be climbing up the walls going crazy, or shamelessly enjoying this brief time off before we start a family, instead I find myself busy with a million little things that always get pushed to the side AND feeling a little lost without a career. I never really realized how many people upon meeting you for the first time or just to strike up idle chit chat and they ask what you do. I swear since Mr. Rogue and I decided I would not go back to work I have been asked no less than a MILLION TIMES. At first it bothered me to say housewife, but on the days when this feels so right, taking care of my home and my man I say housewife with a kind of supreme pride.

The art of a jobless hussy without kids comes with a few certain qualities that I am trying to achieve. Clean house (check), husband who does not have to lift a finger around the home (check), rockin tan (check) and super hot body (super not check). So with this last unchecked item on my list I am again starting to watch what I eat and exercise every day. Now that I have the time and the time and the more time I should be able to stay on the diet. Usually I go off of it because of stress or some cataclysmic event in my life. So I am not going to worry about working anymore, Mr. Rogue and I decided that I can take the summer off to find myself, we can talk more about starting a family, and I can work on centering my energy so I am in a happier place. Seems easy enough without the stress of a job but we will see how I do. For now I am relatively happy in a clean house, with a happy husband and a great tan.

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