Saturday, April 18, 2009

It’s My Party and I Will Pass Out Drunk if I Want Too

You know the feeling that the universe is trying to conspire against you and everything that you try to do takes you further and further from the thing that you want. Like someone is sitting upstairs and poking you with a stick like a kid playing with an ant hill. That is what the past few days have been like, crazy busy trying to keep all my commitments from bleeding over into the next. So today despite many many obstacles that attempted to force me to miss this event I was able to get into the car and get to Ms. Eden’s slumber party with everything I had planned to bring early as I planned. What I did not plan was to bring the extra large bottle of Grey Goose, my hard liquor of choice to the party, that was a last minute decision, a decision that I would find out later was perhaps not the wisest choice I made this week.

Getting to Ms. Eden’s I got my things into her wonderful apartment, I threw on my bathing suit, and we grabbed one of my new mixed drinks; sparkling flavoured water and vodka. Everything in tow we go to the pool on the roof and settled in to chat and sip daintily at our drinks. An hour and a half later we were guzzling drinks and our conversation got louder and bigger with lots of hand waving and gesturing. By the time Ms. Dancer arrived 3 hours later both Ms. Eden and I were very happily buzzed and still drinking. I am normally not a heavy drinker, but once a year or so something in me slips and I find myself the next morning passed out on the floor wondering how in the hell I allowed myself to bolt past the limit that I usually keep a tight reign on. Maybe it is because I do keep such a tight reign that I find myself slipping occasionally as if my body knows when it has had enough of my mind games and just takes matters into her own hands.

Even though I don’t remember most of the night part of the party, I had a great time with Ms. Eden during the day and I am sure that I would have had a wonderful time later that night if I had stayed sober enough to not pass out.

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Anonymous said...

These great photos represent a wonderful gathering!
Women should set time aside to spend quality time with their girlfriends.
It really brightens your spirit.

Thanks for the pix!

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