Thursday, April 16, 2009

Desert Hot Springs: They are Da Bomb

I got in my car early this morning for a road trip out to Desert Hot Springs CA to visit my parents who are staying there. I love going to visit them because we always do interesting things and it is nice to relax with them. Today since it was my parents first day there we took a walk around the campsite to explore. I of course brought my new camera which dad fiddled with and tried to decide if it was going to do what he wanted. Dad is in the market for a new camera that will shoot images better than his 4 year old camera. Unfortunately dad wants something that will take photos of birds and the camera I have does not have the lens that he really wanted to try. All was not lost however because mom found two new birds and a new butterfly. After the walk, and getting really hot in the desert heat we decided to go and sunbath by the pool. At first we thought that the pool was HORRIBLY dirty because it was a green color and it felt warm, but then we found out that the pool was actually a spring fed mineral pool and I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful it felt on my skin and hair. There were also three hot tubs, one that was 98 degrees, one that was 100 degrees and one that was 104 degrees. They were also all spring fed and the temperature of each hot tub was created by the depth of the plumbing into the hot spring below. Hot springs rule.

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