Friday, April 3, 2009

Palm Springs: Get Your Ass to the Nearest Bar

I went and visited my parents today just outside of Palm Springs, my all time favourite drinking and partying town with the girls. It was a 2.5 hour drive and I was surprised driving out at how many wind generators were scattered across the planes of the desert floor. Normally I am either driving out Friday night OR I am battling sleep deprivation and a wicked hang over on the way home so I guess I am not usually to interested in the surroundings on the drive I have taken so many times before. I remember the palm trees most when I drove up to the campsite, mostly because there were literally hundreds. I don’t think I have ever seen so many, at the exact same height, placed throughout the park in neat little rows. It was weird.

The weather was perfect and we spent most of our time at the pool sun tanning and laying in the sun. Mom and I made spaghetti and watched “Over her dead body” which was HIL-AR-IOUS, really a great chick flick that I somehow overlooked up until tonight. I would say the only negative thing about the trip was the fact that at about 10PM right when I was ready to crash and catch some much needed sleep all hell broke lose. I knew that I was going to have a not so great night with me being not in my own bed, without a nice snugly husband, and sleeping on the pullout couch which I knew from past experience would leave a semi permanent bar mark in my back. I was prepared for all these things, I had worked myself up to dealing with them, they were expected. What was not expected, invited, or even wanted was the insidiously loud wind storm that began pelting the area, including the trailer, ALL NIGHT LONG. I was mad for the first hour, I was able to hold my shit together for three hours and then I COMPLETELY LOST IT. I ended up getting on my parents laptop and surfed the web all night long. After 6 hours of deliriously not being able to sleep I was over it and resigned to the fact that somewhere someone was poking the ant hill, my chance at sleep, and watching the poor little guys scramble to save their home and rebuild the loss, I just gave up trying to fight the wind which honestly I was not making any real headway in the fight and I just accepted my non-sleepless fate.

Now I know why there were so many wind generators, because this area is CONSTANTLY bombarded with tornado forced winds. The fact that I had never noticed them before is moot, every time I come out to Palm Springs we are drinking and who would bother to listen or let a little wind get in between me and martinis. But this time in my sober state I realized that when you see the wind generators you have two choices, run the other way because that damn wind will torture you all night long OR GET YOUR ASS TO THE NEAREST BAR!

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