Sunday, April 5, 2009

Confessions of a Shop-aholic

Mr. Rogue and I went out to finally get something that I have been salivating over for a year. The Apple iPhone 3G. And all I will say is that it defiantly is so much better owning one than I ever thought. It makes my little inner geek shriek with glee and I am so excited to have finally moved into 2009 with this sweet little baby.

We also swung by the mall on the way home to get Mr. Rogue some new shirts. Normally I shop without him because there never seemed to be enough time to do anything and it is not something that he terribly enjoys to do with his free time. Now that I am not working however all those little chores that we normally would be doing together like yard work and errands like grocery shopping I do during the week when he is at work which leaves plenty of free time and therefore time for us to shop together. After getting a respectable amount of new things for him we just happened, aka I dragged him quickly through the women’s department and I ended up picking up this adorable dress which I ended up wearing last night to the play. It was so cute and summery that I could not help myself.

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