Saturday, April 4, 2009

Comedy Muppets

Mrs. Cutie Pie’s mom gave up her tickets to her daughter for a play tonight, “Avenue Q”. Not knowing anything about it, when she called me to invite me to go with her I agreed, because that is sometimes what life is about, jumping and reaching for things that are new and different. Speaking of things that are new and different, for the five minutes that I was waiting in the car at the mall waiting for Mrs. Cutie pie to show I found my eyebrow scissors and decided that now, in the car, would be a great time to cut bangs. I cut and snipped and then got complimented on how cute they look. Now this was not a spur of the moment decision, because I got my hair cut two days ago, and I had talked to my stylist about getting them cut. She talked me out of it at the time and told me to think about it. Well I thought about it and this is what happens. I decided that bangs right this second was the exact correct time to cut them. After I was finished I caught the people in the next car staring at me and I could almost hear the incredulous voice going off inside their open mouthed heads. Like “Did that crazy woman just cut bangs in her car.” They did look fabulous though.

We met at the Clubhouse for dinner which included a lot of wine and great food and laughs. Afterwards we walked across the street to the playhouse. Unfortunately for me I was wearing a pair of super cute baby phat shoes that are COMPLETELY impractical to walk in. Wearing them for a long walk is like asking a beautiful blonde to shovel cow manure, it just does not happen. Or it should not happen. I thought I could work it out, I thought I could work through the pain and get to a higher place, and I found out how wrong I was. On the walk back I was ready to trade my super cute shoes for a pair of Kmart flip flops.

I was worried about the play. Within the first two minutes I was watching people dancing around the stage singing with puppets on their hands. I thought for sure that I had made a mistake that I had jumped into an ocean even I was not going to be able to ever get out of. However I was pleasantly surprised. The play was HILARIOUS and I could not stop laughing. They were not kids puppets. These were vulgar sesame street ones for 30 year olds. I am not sure how some of the audience in the crowd felt but Mrs. Cutie Pies and I were rolling on the floor.



lilmansworld said...

ew i love your bangs! very anne hathaway!

Rogue Woman said...

Thanks I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

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