Sunday, April 26, 2009

BBBS 11 – Nail Polish

Today is my eleventh outing with my little and I can honestly say that there is a great bond beginning to form. Instead of stilted conversation interspersed with moments of fun we are now defiantly over the hump and we are having more and more connected moments. Because Ms. Little and I are both girly girls I decided to take her to go and get her nails done. Since she had never been before I went first, and although I have been a million times to get my nails done I don’t know if I am the best role model for a little girl to mimic because my feet are extremely ticklish so I don’t necessarily sit still and I cannot stop laughing. We had a great time relaxing, choosing which color we wanted, and Ms. Little even got a crystal flower put on her nails. This was a great outing choice because we were able to talk about hygene, keeping your finger and toe nails clean, and introduce her into the world of pampering.

After we finished with our nails Ms. Little and I stopped by my house so she could meet the new puppy. And again aside from getting to play with the adorable baby it was a great opportunity to talk about pets, owner responsibility, the role of the pound, volunteering, and about creating trust and obedience in a new pet.

Sometimes I wonder how much I should talk about little snippets of knowledge I have about how the world works. I try to put in real world experiences and lessons in all we do but I also try to introduce it in a fun way so it does not feel like lecturing. I guess I will just keep talking and hope some of what I say makes a difference or sticks.

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