Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Animal Jesus

Even though today is such a terrible day and I am super depressed about Mishka, I decided to still go to my S class and keep my commitment to join my friends for dinner after to celebrate Ms. Soul’s birthday. Dragging myself out of the house was hard but once I got there I slipped into a more comfortable happy me because I was surrounded by a group of such wonderful women and because S just kicks ass like that. No matter what mood I am in when I walk in those doors it is changed to a buzzing hive of happiness when I walk out two hours later. S is defiantly my type of heroin.

As always sushi after class was a varied group of fantastic women seemly unconnected and an odd group from all different walks of life, diverse careers, dissimilar cultures and various ages; but somehow this one movement brings us all to a level playing field, it gives us a central pivot point that we can circle around and we have become a close-knit groups of friends (with some occasional newbie’s added in).

Of course the conversation included so many random subjects including my little baby sick Mishka. I am grateful that Mr. Rogue and I choose her because we are able to at least give her a chance to get better but I am also sad she is sick and depressed that there is not more that I can do. Talking about Mishka brought up my past experience with acquiring a sick pet, Seurat, so I have been now dubbed ‘Animal Jesus’ and I think I am going to have it tattooed on my forarm so that every time I lose my mind and do something completely crazy I can raise up my sleeve and look at this nickname and say to myself ‘There was a point in time I did something good so I know I am not COMPLETELY insane’.

I soooo wish I could claim ‘Dog Whisper’ because Cesar Millan is a FRIGGIN genius but since that is already taken then I will accept the second best title that Ms. Soul gave me ‘Animal Jesus’.

Happy Birthday - we love you Ms. Soul! Even when you are off doing shots with random hot guys!

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