Sunday, March 15, 2009

We Are Drowning In Citrus

Since we moved into our new home three years ago we have slowly been learning about the various vegetation on our property. How to take care of it, the best time to cut it back, the fertilizer that it needs, and how much water each plant needs at various times of the year. One of the most wonderful things about our property is that there are various fruit trees. There were a few trees already here and mature when we bought the house such as a Victoria Lime Tree, a Persimmon Tree, an Avocado Tree, a Clementine Tree, a Valencia Orange Tree, and a Lemon Tree. And recently, within the past year, we have added a young Black Cherry Tree, a Loquat Tree, a Kumquat Tree, and a Fig Tree.

From late December until late March we drown in Clementine’s. Our tree is so overabundant that we are literarily picking, washing, and drying hundreds every week. We eat as many as we can, we have a juicer to make fresh squeezed juice and a dryer to dry some of the fruit for later, but there is no way the three people in our home can manage to consume the quantity that this tree produces. So we end up sending basketfuls to work, giving bags away to neighbors, friends, even taking some to the gym. We try to do anything in order to help as little to go to waste as possible. And this fruit I swear tastes better than anything you can get at the grocery store, because it is pure organic and you can eat it seconds after plucking it from the tree. It does not get any fresher than this.

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