Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Photo Insights

Ms. Eden, a friend of mine from a class I take, is such a true little bundle of insight it makes me smile. We are both a lot alike in many ways which draws us together as friends but we also are so different in some aspects. I love the differences mostly because those are the ones that make us self analyze and push us toward being better people. She has never met my collective of friends or my husband yet today she said something that totally clicked. She said:

“I was looking at your wedding photos on your blog and I can tell you love your husband very much because when you are with him you are soft and girly. I can tell you let down your tough guard when you are with him.”

This about sums up I think in the most perfect way why Mr. Rogue is the best man for me. In the outside world I am a hard ball busting woman who knows her mind and is not afraid to demand from the world what I feel like I deserve. But when I am with Mr. Rogue I feel such a quiet sense of peace that I can let down all the walls and embrace the soft delicate needy side of me. She got all that from a photo, I love my friends.

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