Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Perfect Day

Today was one of those perfect days where you just did a ton of things that you love. I woke up late, which means sleeping in to 10:30, bonus. Ms. Dancer and her little sister picked me up and we scooted off to go to lunch with lots of laughs and gossip, we then took a look at lots of sparkly expensive jewellery where I met an ancient jeweller man who I got into a conversation about my ring. Looking at all the gorgeous sparkly jewellery made me look at how dull and dirty my wedding rings looked. I was curious what the best cleaner to use on it that would make it shiny, something that I could use often because I am a lotion slather and I love gardening and I have pets and just life in general all tend to plot against the shininess of my diamonds. This withered ancient man gave me the most wonderful little nugget of advice, the one that you only get once in a great while, the kind of advice that makes you want to tell anybody and anybody you know because it is THAT GOOD. So this wonderful ancient jeweller said that the best thing for cleaning your real jewellery is 409. Yup the best he has found ever, better than those fancy cleaners that cost so much, so good in fact that his wife who I imagine is covered from head to toe in fine jewellery uses it every night on her jewellery. Just pour a bit in a plastic cup or an old cleaned out butter container and soak your jewellery overnight, when you wake in the morning rinse with water and wear. The cleaner is just harsh enough to kill all the crap on your jewellery without being harsh enough to actually hurt the metal or stones. Now before you go invoking this power first you should know that you cannot soak anything fake, it has to be real, two you cannot put in soft stones like opal or pearls because the chemical would be to harsh and three use as often as you like. When I got home I immediately set to soak every piece of jewellery I owned and I was ASONDED at how gorgeous and new everything looked. Try it and let me know how it works. Let your jewellery do what it does best bedazzle you and the world with its sparkly-ness!

After we tore ourselves away from the jewellery store we headed off for our appointments at the spa. I had an epiphany today that being at the spa is much like a day in the life of my cat. One of my absolute favourite things to do is to go get papered because who does not love to get waited on hand and foot. Sweet drinks are brought to you, everyone has a smile, you get to lie around in the various comfortable rooms sprawled out and on the edge of napping and wakefulness, relaxed and calm because every need is taken care of by someone else. Although I am unemployed I decided to treat myself to a few hours of indulgence anyways. My cats get this every day, they lay around in various rooms on the edge of sleeping and wakefulness, they get pet and rubbed all the time, and they don’t have to take care of anything, I even scoop up their poop. If I come back reincarnated as anything I want to come back as a cat. A cat that lives in a home with people that love me and a woman who owns designer shoes, because even though I realize I cannot wear them on my little furry feet I at least want to look at the eye candy.

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The best thing for cleaning your silver (especially if you bought it on a trip to Mexico with me) is toothpaste. Schmear on, rub off. Cheap, too, for the unemployed in all of us.

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