Monday, March 9, 2009

Peanut Butter Battle

I went to a trainer with my dog and the one single thing that he helped me with the most was that you have to find your dogs brand of crack, what will he do ANYTHING for, once you have that you will be able to get your dog to do anything you want. I found Rogue’s pretty easily, it is peanut butter and today when I wanted to give him something to do while I read in the back yard I gave him a kong with a bit of peanut butter hidden inside. He ended up getting more on his face than in his stomach and for 20 minutes he preceded to sit in front of me and attempted to lick his face off if that is what it took to get every molecule of peanut butter off. I was laughing so hard he just looked so damn cute so I grabbed my camera. These are some of the best shots.

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