Monday, March 9, 2009

My Scaly Friend

I hate things that creep that crawl and that basically were put on this earth to freak me out. I know I am larger than those spiders, I know that a mosquito is not going to jab my eyes out, I know that mouse is not going to rip my face off BUT KNOWING DOES NOT PREVENT THE HYSTERIA. It is involuntary reaction to the ick of it all. My mother shakes her head at having produced such a squeamish girly girl and my father now replaced by my husband is my bug squashing hero. I have however, since I have become a homeowner, started to quell the hysteria into a mere rip tide of frozen fear. And then today I encountered a slimy creepy crawly and had no reaction other than to grab my camera. Now I know you don’t think this is a HUGE deal but it totally is because three years ago this same scenario would have left me screaming at the top of my lungs so loudly that my voice would be hoarse for the next few days. You would think I had been at a concert and sadly when you ask who I went to see you would inevitably be disappointed when I say “Daddy long legs”.

So since this is really the first and because this particular slimy guy seems to have taken up a residence in my greenhouse, and after doing research on Google that he is NOT poisonous and actually eats black widows I have decided to name him. Meet Mr. Widow my new scaly friend.

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