Friday, March 6, 2009

The Memory Board

Something that I saw in a HGTV magazine long ago was to create a memory board that I could easily keep old keepsakes, photos, thoughts and invitations and that I could keep current with swapping things out as my life changes and flows. I have never had the time, material, space, motivation, or all of the above to get this done but today I ignored my long list of crap I really need to get done in order to finally get this complete and I could not be happier. In our newly completed laundry room I now have a huge space above the table that could defiantly use some TLC. I thought a memory board would go perfect here and since Sunday there will be a lot of women in the house I thought I would just get it done and put up today. I decided to change a few things from the original concept of a memory board. Technically it is called a Padded French Memory board and they generally look something like this:



So I decided in order to make the board more contemporary and less girly to not do a Padded board (skipped adding batting between the board and the material to make it poofy), I also decided to not do a traditional cross cushion type patter with my ribbon but do a looped zag, that I would not place the buttons so consistently and I would use various shades and sizes of buttons in black, white and grey. I was hoping that adding these changes would make the board fit more into the theme and style of our home.

To make my memory board:

STEP 1: I used a piece of thick foam core and cut a piece of blue material a little bigger than the board. Using a glue gun I adhered the edges to the board making sure that there were no wrinkles on the other side.

STEP 2: I glue gunned a stretchy elastic (replaced this instead of ribbon) in a zig zaggy pattern that did not overlap.

STEP 3: I then glued the buttons on in a sparattic pattern on the lines. This was also helpful to create anchors so the photos and memorabilia later would not slide.

Once all the buttons were glued on I had my husband screw the board into some studs in the wall. This is a before shot of the location that I put my board.

And this is the after shot. This project took less than an hour and I was really happy with the ending result. Now every time we go past this wall I will think of a million memories instead of trying to remind myself that I must hang something in this naked space.

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