Sunday, March 22, 2009

Michigan: Memories

Today we went to see the pastor. My grandfather is catholic so therefore he will be having a catholic burial. One of the things that the priest does is to get together with the family before the funeral to share stories and memories of the deceased so that the priest can personalize the eulogy during the church service and at the actual gravesite burial. I really like this tradition, it is generally only held with immediate family and it gives us a time to reflect on all the wonderful things that our grandfather/father has done in his lifetime and to celebrate the kind of man he was.

One of my favourite things about what the priest said was in the beginning when we were all very obviously upset and having a hard time starting because we were all just so sad. He said:

“Just like we fought to get out of the womb because we were afraid of this life, we fight to stay in this life because we are afraid of the afterlife.”

After that the floodgates opened and these are some of the best things that I remember about my grandpa.

Little sayings:
- When my dad was young his parents, to save money, took him to a cheap barber who gave my father the WORST haircut in the world. He went around for the next few days bemoaning the fact that the barber had really “butchered” his hair. After that incident when anything went wrong with the family you would hear – “Oh they butchered it.”
- Grandpa had a Toshiba radio that mysteriously disappeared and it was never found. No one remembers where it went or if someone lost it. So now whenever something goes missing weather it be a sock or an earring the family would say “Oh that missing thing is with the Toshiba radio”.
- There was a neighbour, a very loud obnoxious little girl lived there, her name was Becky. Whenever someone was being too loud it was said that you had “Becky mouth”.

- he was a good man, a great Christian, my father follows him in a lot that he is, except his temper who he inherited from grandma, which I inherited from both of them
- he was a meticulous man, a putser, never standing still always looking for things to do. His lawn was immaculate, his cars constantly waxed – my father is a lot like him in this way and I think that this is how I got my OCPD and my drive for life to constantly be going about many things
- got my edgy legs from my grandpa/dad
- and I also got the sleepless nights

- My mother used to call me pumpkin when I was a baby
- My grandmother nicknamed me angel which stuck and I am still called that today
- My grandfather called me sweetie pie

My grandma always said that you should marry a man who reminds you of the great men in your life, someone who you would want your son to grow up to be just like them. I believe that she followed this because she married a great man, a man who his son turned out very much like him. A man who was the best father a girl could ask for and I am so thankful that I married Mr. Rogue who reminds me so much of my father and grandfather in many ways.

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