Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Smell Of Heaven

I am in heaven literally. It is now officially the end of the season for our orange and tangerine trees and Mr. Rogue and I could not be happier. Not because we don’t love our fruit trees but because we are so sick of anything that tastes like citrus because we have been eating a few almost every single day, see here.

There are a few wonderful things about the end of the year. For one I have six more months to forget what the taste of citrus is and forget how much that I have imbibed so by the time they fruit again I will be again salivating for our delicious fruit. Another thing is that I no longer have to explain that the glorious scent surrounding me is not a new orange scented lotion from Bath and Body Works but it is ORANGE AND TANGERINE juice oozing out of my pores because I ate way to much this week. But the MOST WONDERFUL thing about the end of the season is that the trees have started to bloom with little white buds of heavenly smelling goodness. I am certain that there is NOTHING IN THE WORLD other than my husband’s neck in the morning that smells better than my backyard when the citrus trees bloom.

So again like last year I am making up excuses to spend as much time as possible in the yard, which is not hard considering I have a lot of gardening to do, I enjoy reading and painting or sketching on the back porch, and I can work on my non-existent tan. It takes everything I have not to just pick every single flower and lock it in a box with me inside just so I can surround myself with its luscious smell. I just REALLY hope that I can restrain myself and not sleep in the yard this year, not like last year.

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