Monday, March 30, 2009

House Part 1: Hindsight is the Best Foresight

Mr. Rogue built me a new computer out of various computers that I inherited when my company went under. It has been a huge undertaking to transfer all my files from the old computer to the new server that we have to store old files as well as transfer all the files that I use regularly to the new computer. Then attempting to get all my settings, bookmarks, favourites, and fonts it is just exhausting and clearly I think that getting a new computer should be right up there with losing a job or dealing with a death because it is THAT TRAMATIC. Anyways the file transfer issues and setting up my computer is not the subject of today’s post. Instead I wanted to talk about a set of photos that I ran across, something that I have been avoiding blogging about because it is ONE of the MOST TRAMTIC events of my entire life and I just did not think that I was strong enough to talk about it without cracking my brain permanently. Yet in the essence of trying to record all my important moments I would be remiss in leaving this event out. So this is the first post of a series of posts explaining our crazy first home purchasing/construction saga.

Mr. Rogue and I bought our house on a whim; seriously. We were renting a three bedroom home and we were really happy there. As our one year lease was creeping to an end we had discussed staying in this rented house until we were able to pay off all our debt, marry and then save enough to buy a home which translated that we were planning on staying for a few years. But one Friday evening when we were sitting down after dinner I was going through the mail and found a notice from our landlord that he was selling the house and he was offering to let us purchase before it went on the market. Although Mr. Rogue and I decided that the house was way overpriced and we were not interested in purchasing after our initial freak out of the thought of having to move AGAIN we decided to go to the bank the next morning and apply for a loan just to see what would happen. We both had great credit and we both had pretty good solid jobs that we were happy in so we were optimistic that we would qualify. I blame this very bad decision on the fact that I had drank excessively for months and I really think that many of my brain cells were still soaked in alcohol and therefore not working correctly. It was either that or the multiple times I have run into things with my head, because it is a super hard head with a thick skull and virtually impregnable; a power that I attribute to my fathers side of the family.

To our surprise, because this was three years ago and they were practically giving loans to anyone with a pulse, we qualified for a gigantic loan amount. So the next weekend we started looking at homes to buy and started talking to realtors while on the side we decided to also look for other houses to rent as a backup plan. Turned out that we found a realtor that we really liked at one of the houses and the next weekend he was showing us various things he thought we would like. After only going out three times and seeing about 9 houses we found a house that we loved, that we felt we could afford on one salary (I was pretty adamant about not spending the entire amount that the bank thought we could afford and keeping the mortgage so that if one of us lost a job or something traumatic happened that we would be ok with one salary). The house we fell in love with needed a lot of work to make right but we were up for a challenge and the price was right. So within 6 weeks of getting that letter we were at the bank signing all the paperwork to purchase our first home together a big step considering that we were not engaged. I was confident that we were going to end up together; little did I know that purchasing this house would stall our wedding for two years.

Here are the photos of our house as it was before we moved in.

The kitchen desperately needed updating as well as a new floor plan. When we moved in it was a galley hall kitchen with a breakfast nook, a formal dining room and a hallway. The flow was badly designed and Mr. Rogue and I decided that demolishing the four areas and creating one large eat in kitchen would be a great solution to open the space up.

There was a huge back room 18x50ft that was way to large as a single room. We had plans to create a master suite with a full bathroom, walk in closet and bedroom. All the oppressive dark wood paneling had to go as well as the Indian influenced fireplace but this large room had excellent light with two large windows and exposed wooden ceiling beams.

The original family room was a small room but had a lot of natural light from three windows. It had potential to be a great room once we got rid of the nasty wood paneling on the fireplace and opened up the small doorway into the kitchen to make more of a great room feel with a combined family room kitchen. Also under all this crappy cheap carpet are the original oak wood floors that desperately need a sanding and stain but I was super excited at the prospect of having hard wood floors.

Hindsight is the best foresight and if ONLY WE HAD KNOWN THE HORRORS that were just around the corner I would have walked away from that house and saved years that the trauma the next year would steal.

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