Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good Touching

We all have our own vices, things that we try to keep hidden, secret behaviour that we would rather no one know or that we would rather change. One of the many neuroses that I have has to do with food. What I eat, how I eat it, and how certain things can touch and others can never touch. Now for the first I have a certain list of things that I will eat and a very specific list of things that I will not eat; some of these things are I will not eat spicy food, food with peanuts, food that has to much pepper, and anything that I deem to ethnic just to name a few. I also cannot stand for things to sit and get soggy, particularly bread so for instance pre-made sandwiches that are not eaten immediately are completely off the list. But everyone has things that they will eat and things that they won’t. The worst thing is that I have a very very very long list of food that can touch and food that cannot touch and my poor husband is the one that has to try and navigate around this minefield of things that are ok or not ok. These rules aren’t negotiable because these tastes are tastes that I find less desirable than yanking out my tongue with a rope tied to the back of a pick-up truck. I just cannot do it.

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