Monday, March 23, 2009

Michigan: Cure’s With A Smile

I woke up and I thought I would feel worse than I did yesterday since today is the day of the first day of a three day funeral. But I find that there is a certain amount of numbness that has finally seeped in to dull my senses and that I am feeling very different then what I did two years ago when nothing made sense. Maybe it is because grandpa was old and sick and there was a certain amount of preparation for me to wrap my head around him not being there anymore. Or maybe it is because Baby Lambchop my nephew and the first of the next generation of our family name was there to continue on the line and fill the funeral home with giggles and laughs. Having the baby there, something soft and warm and oblivious to the turmoil of the crowd around him made you forget moments of bone crushing grief. The circle of life was never felt more for me than in that moment, when one generation passes to make room for the next. As I nuzzled his baby neck I felt a feeling of contentment and peace. I think I have a new business plan, a funeral home that doubles as a child care facility where the babies are rented to sad families. I could cure a lot of pain with one baby’s toothless smile or silly little antic. I know it did for me, if even only for a few moments.

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lilmansworld said...

I appreciate your interest in photos, especially my son :) "look into my eyes, ah ah ah"(in the vampire voice)

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